Online Bingo Mathematics – Bingo Odds

Different variations of online bingo games means that you will have different chances of winning in these games. Your odds of winning will depends on how many numbers you want to cover when playing bingo.

You will be winning in some games when you’ve completed particular pattern (straight line or X-pattern for example) and in other games you will get the goods only when you’ve completed your entire card. All of these examples have completely different odds. When talking about exact numbers, we have to know how many squares you need to cover; also, most entire card bingo games have a limit as to how many numbers in order have to be drawn to win the jackpot. The odds will be completely different and they depend on how many different bingo cards you are playing in this particular session.

Bingo Odds in Entire Card Bingo Game

Let’s say that we want to play an Entire Card Bingo Game. Most of these entire card bingo games are going to have a 50 number draw limit for us to win the jackpot prize. What are the bingo odds in this game? Bingo Odds to win the jackpot are 1 in 212,086 and this is assuming that we are playing with one bingo card only – most of the times people have more cards though when chasing Jackpots. When we are playing a bingo game when there is 49 numbers drawn, bingo odds will drop significantly to 1 in 407,875. 48 ball draw limit gives us 1 in 799,399 odds.

As can be seen from the examples above, our odds change dramatically when we change amount of numbers drawn.

When we happen to play real money bingo game that has fewer squares to cover and also when the caller will keep calling out numbers til there is a winner, our odds will be much much better. To know the odds for these games we need to know how many cards in total are there. If there is 100 cards that are played, we will have 1 to 100 odds. When there 100 cards in play and we have 5 of them, we will have 1 to 20 bingo odds or 5%. We should always take into account how much we’ve invested so far. Yes, our odds will improve but in long term our losing rate will increase too (because bingo in itself is not a game with positive expectation).

Always remember to check what the odds are and try to find a game with fewer cards in play. And playing more cards increases your chance of winning the jackpot prize.