Online Bingo Rigged? How to not get scammed playing real money online bingo

Is online bingo rigged? Many bingo players have asked this question and obviously so are you. If you look around here, you can see that we have a list of online bingo sites that we promote to our visitors. We really trust these sites. But how do we know these sites are safe? How do we know if we can really trust them with our hard earned money?

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These are lots of players who have complained to us that games don’t seem very fair. Usually they say something in the lines of ‘I never get paid’, ‘same usernames win constantly’, ‘these real money online bingo sites just want your money’ or ‘this bingo site has a suspicious random number generator’. Basically these visitors claim that their bingo site is rigged / games are fixed and no one shouldn’t play there. But is it really so?

Is your online bingo sites rigged and games fixed

In United Kingdom, for example, are one of the stricted online gambling regulations and rules in the world. They are basically designed to make sure gamblers will be safe from rogue online bingo operators. Things with these regulations and licenses is… if you want to play at USA friendly real money online bingo rooms, you can not do this at UK-licensed bingo halls – UK regulations all exclude USA-friendly bingo sites.

This means all of these online bingo sites are licensed outside US. They are legal in a country where they are located. Because they accept players from United States, this puts them in so-called grey area territory, where basically nobody knows, what’s exactly allowed and what’s not.

If you decide to play online bingo and choose a site from our hand-picked list of trustworthy real money online bingo sites, you can be sure that you won’t be scammed – we have done due diligence for you. If you like to play it not so safe and choose a different online bingo operator, you have to keep in mind that you can never be absolutely sure that your bingo software is random and fair. Always read reviews and take into consideration what watchdog authority sites are writing about those sites. If you see pages and pages of reviews all scream ‘this online bingo site is rigged’, then run!