Below is our handpicked and always updated list of best real money online casinos for USA players. These sites are fully licensed and regulated by their jurisdictions. Last update: October 2021

Payout %
100% up to $2000
98.29 %
500% up to $5000
98.22 %
300% up to $9000
98.17 %
100% up to $3000
98.1 %
210% up to $4300
98 %
200% up to $7777
97.84 %
200% up to $20K
96.2 %

Real money online casinos – legal or not?

Laws have become more and more relaxed last few years and also lot has changed since the infamous UIGEA 2006 (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006) was introduced to fellow American gamblers. What has happened in recent years is we have definitely seen rise of common sense and intelligence, which has even led some states to finally come out of the closed and actually legalize online casino gambling and online casino sites for its citizens. Same time, in most states, real money online casinos are still considered blurry grey area, so many potential gamblers, who would like to play, will still keep away… just in case.

In October 2021 it is very much possible to play in real money online casinos that have full USA licenses, paying taxes to Uncle Sam. But let’s also not forget that there are hundreds, if not thousands online gambling establishments out there (that have licenses in their jurisdictions, meaning they are legal in their own jurisdictions), who are willing to accept American online casino enthusiasts. Often these casinos are more reputable and trustworthy than those available and fully legal in USA. Try these real money online casinos from our review list above and you might understand, why exactly.

Depositing money to real money online casinos

Only few years ago deposits and withdrawals were very problematic issue for casinos and gamblers. Extensive withdrawal fees and withdrawal times (often many months) were one of the biggest reason why some internet gambling sites lost popularity, many of them faded away and died / went belly up. Credit and debit cards were accepted then and are still accepted now. When money is moving with bank being the middleman, also the fees are still there and banks are still giving offshore casino customers hard time and asking nosy questions.

But yet, there has been a somewhat revolution when it comes to withdrawals and deposits to real money online casinos. And it’s called cryptocurrency. After Bitcoin was picked up by internet casinos, it’s safe to say that the 2nd coming of online casinos had begun. Why? Deposits made with cryptocurrencies are instant, also withdrawals are instant; and these transactions are free plus anonymous. There will be no more people from your bank calling you and asking about your transaction, sometimes withholding payments / YOUR MONEY. Your online casino adventures will be your business only from now on – just like it should have been from the start.