Online Bingo Strategy

Some say that there’s definitely no such thing as online bingo strategy or bingo strategy in general. Because bingo is a game of pure chance. For some extent and when we talk about big picture, it might be absolutely true. But at the same time there are couple of strategies that some bingo players follow and many claim that these strategies increase players possibilities of being more consistent when it comes to playing bingo.

Joseph E. Grainville is a stock market strategist and also a seasoned mathematician… and he has analyzed numerous patterns for the Bingo game. He spent years on doing research and came out with his own bingo strategy. It is believed that Granville created a competitive bingo edge that makes beating bingo game possible. How can it be?

Online Bingo Strategy – Bingo Techniques

Joe Grainville is certain that there are patterns in the game of bingo. It might sound a little crazy, impossible, but this mathematician studied many thousands of bingo games and he believed that every bingo game follows a strict pattern and players could use these patterns to gain edge and beat bingo. His techniques are simple and do not demand any difficult calculations. He has a procedure that almost anyone could use when playing bingo.

Selecting Cards – Part of Online Bingo Strategy

Grainville believes that selecting bingo cards is one of the most important parts of his technique. He explains that there is a fundamental relationship between the main boards numbers and also successful Bingo numbers.

Ok enough, I stop… While we could keep going on and on talking about Grainville and his techniques, we should just mention that it’s all just another hoax like believing in flat earth or horoscopes.

Our sites goal is to introduce your trustworthy / reputable real money bingo sites. In order to do that, it is not possible to lie to our visitors and tell them fairy tales about bingo being beatable – it is not. So yea, no more Grainville, it is just bad business…

Sorry about that 🙂 If anyone claims they can beat bingo, slap them, slap them hard. No such thing.